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 Real Patient Ratings is an independent survey service that allows patients to read reviews of the plastic surgery team at Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery.


Real Patient Ratings for Dr. Huntly

Comments from patients

Dr. Huntly is a miracle worker! I loved him and his staff! He did a super job on my Around the World surgery and if I ever called about anything he would personally get on the phone with me to ask questions



Dr.Huntly was knowledge helpful and did a great job on my facelift.His staff was great,couldn't ask for any better.Dr.Huntly did a great job explaining what he was going to do and what to expect.So far ever thing is going like he told me it would.It's only been 35 days,I'm doing great.I'm already wearing make-up,it's great.If any one need's plastic surgery,I would recommend you to talk to Dr.Huntly before making a decision. 



I had a tummy tuck and lipo. My experience with the Dr. Huntly and his staff was good. His staff is very knowledgeable about the procedures, the healing time and what to expect. I am very please with the outcome of the procedure. Even though I am five weeks out of the surgery, I go to the doctor followup, and they continue to keep me informed as to what to expect as I continue to heal. 



Dr. Huntley is so passionate of the work he performs, and makes sure every patient is 100% satisfied. 



Dr. Huntly has been my plastic surgeon for over ten years performing small procedures as Botox and large procedures as tummy tuck. He is a master at what he does and I would recommend him to anybody. His attention to detail is amazing and his compassion for his patients is very large. He is honest, takes his time, never in a hurry and always makes you fell that you are his favorite patient. Thank you Dr.Huntly for being my doctor!! 



I went in for my four month check up and not only do I feel wonderful, but I look amazing. He worked a miracle for me. I was so depressed at my appearance, but now I look stunning. Thank you Dr. Huntly for what you did for me. Everyone should use Dr. Huntly and his staff, they are great! 



Professional doctor with outstanding results!! Highly skilled and very thorough. 



I am a young women, in my early 40's, but by looking at my chest, you would have thought that I was a pre-teen (training bra and all). I was always hearing, "wait until you have kids and they will grow", well I had 3 and they got smaller. So, after years of waiting, I decided to get breast augmentation. I must say it was the "BEST" thing since slice bread. Dr. Michael Huntly and his staff at Finger & Associates are absolutely PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! They made all my concerns go away, they made feel comfortable, he made time for me and ALL MY QUESTIONS. My husband had doubts and concerns, however once he met with Dr. Huntly and his staff he was on board. I am in love with my new "boobies". I am FINALLY shopping for bra's in the adult section. Thank you for all your love and care Dr. Huntly!!!!!!!!!!! signed, "Tween no more" 



Dr. Huntly and his staff have been wonderful. Our initial contact was over the phone until my preop appt. He was very gentle and took his time with me. The surgery day was a blur but heard him call and check on me early the next morning. His skillset is impeccable. He took what a gave him and has turned me into a curvy masterpiece. I can tell that 6 mo down the road I will look amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- Tamika Shung Carroll


Dr. Huntly is not pushy like some doctors. He is very professional and very personable.

-Sandra Seyfer Barwick


Yesterday, as I was cleaning out a bureau drawer, I came across four "before" pictures of my eyes. Standing before the mirror, I still can't believe the success of what Dr. Huntly did for my eyes.
In October of 2010, he performed eyelid surgery (because I had no peripheral vision) and, at the same time, got rid of the bags under my eyes. The difference is truly outstanding! Thank you, Dr. Huntly!

-Joanne Dwinnell Bovey


Congrats on the move to Coastal Empire. They are very blessed to have a wonderful doctor/surgeon like you join their practice. Best of luck to you and of course your terrific staff. Lori R.

-Lori Howard Rudbeck


I am sure that you did not know the impact you made on my life a few years back, but it was fabulous to have been able to be a recipient of your work. If I did not say thank you then, I will say it now. Thank you so much. Have a great day.

-Robin Adele Woods


Dr. Huntly gave me an ativan which decreases anxiety and helps the patient get a good night sleep. I felt so comfortable and confident in Dr. Huntly and his team’s ability that I did not need to take the medication. I went right to sleep and slept all night without a problem.

I arrived around 7AM to Dr. Huntly’s office was greeted by his staff. Dr Huntly greeted me and we talked about my surgery and what to expect which made me feel even more relaxed. I did not have any anxiety or worries so I opted not to take the versed another relaxing medication by IV. I walked back to the operating room suite with my nurse. The next thing I remember is waking up with my nurse by my bedside telling me the surgery was over and that I was in recovery. I was very comfortable and I was in no pain. I slept all through the night.

I woke up at Finger & Associates. the nurse got me dressed and assisted me to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and had some soup and sprite. Dr Huntly came in and spoke with me. He discharged me home. I went straight home, applied ice and followed all of Dr Huntly’s instructions. I had drains, which were little and connected to tubes that are used to collect blood that just pop on and off. I took all my medications as directed, ate a lot of easy frozen dinners, drank lots of fluids and slept comfortably in a recliner.

I went back to Dr Huntly’s office for a follow up visit. I felt a little apprehensive about the drains coming out, but it was not bad at all. I went home and continued icing my face. After the drains where pulled I stopped taking my pain medication, and from then on, I only took Tylenol. I did not feel any pain at all. I went straight home, took a shower and gently washed my hair because I still had staples and sutures. My face felt a little tight, but did not hurt!

This was a Sunday and I continued to ice and keep my head elevated I watched movies and my mother cooked a Sunday dinner. I enjoyed being with my family, and again I was in no pain and did not require anything stronger than a Tylenol.

I returned to work. Yes you heard me right, I returned to work! Dr Huntly says to write the first 7-10 days off after a facelift; however, I was feeling so great I returned to work. I continued to ice at my desk and was fortunate enough to work with colleagues that were very understanding. I worked ½ day the first week and then returned to full days the following week.

I returned to Dr Huntly’s office for some sutures and staples to be removed. The removal of the sutures didn’t hurt, but the staples occasionally would feel like some one was pulling my hair. It was not bad and felt good to get rid of some of those staples.

This was my day that I questioned myself on why I opted to have a face and brow lift. My face felt tight I was still a little tired from the effects of the anesthesia. Most people say that you go through this phase. I thought I was doing great and would not experience this, but I did. I just moped around sadly for about ½ day and then got over it.

I returned to Dr. Huntly’s office to have the remaining staples removed. It felt great! I went home, took a shower, shampooed and conditioned my hair and it was heaven to me!

I am thrilled with my results. The surgery was so worth doing. My face looks great and my friends and family want to be next in line. My response: I tell them Dr. Huntly is a wonderful surgeon and don’t wait, just do it!

I can not say enough good things about Dr. Huntly and his team. They are caring and compassionate people. If you need anything, all you have to do is pick up a phone and call. There is always someone to help you. Dr Huntly is the most talented plastic surgeon I know. My results are incredible, and anyone I speak with that has had surgery by Dr. Huntly feels the same way. We are so lucky to have a surgeon of Dr Huntly’s caliber in Savannah, Georgia. If you question anything I said, just go and see him. Do not forget to look at the before and after book! It will blow you away!!!!

-Shannon Newman


Dr. Michael Huntly is now located at Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery and is a fabulous Surgeon. He gave me a Mommy Makeover in 2007 and I am 45 Years old. Though I gained a view pounds I still look great. My Tummy is flat and my Breast are still perky after 6 Years. I highly recommend this Surgeon for Mommy Make Overs. 



Dr. Huntly and his staff have been wonderful. Our initial contact was over the phone until my preop appt. He was very gentle and took his time with me. The surgery day was a blur but heard him call and check on me early the next morning. His skillset is impeccable. He took what a gave him and has turned me into a curvy masterpiece. I can tell that 6 month down the road I will look amazing! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

-Tamika Shung Carroll