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Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Augmentation

The Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as a butt augmentation, is an increasingly common procedure that patients are having done at Coastal Empire Plastic Surgery. Performed by Savannah Georgia & South Carolina board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Shanklin, the procedure uses your own natural fat to enhance your buttocks size.

Brazilian Butt Lift Savannah Georgia Brazilian Butt Lift South Carolina before & after Brazilian Butt Lift Hinesville GA

How Brazilian Butt Lift Works

The fat transfer butt augmentation technique emerged during the past decade. “We've gone from using buttock implants to using the patient's own fat to give them that augmentation", Dr. Shanklin says.

"Through liposuction surgery", you lose volume in donor sites like your tummy or upper or lower back. We take that fatty tissue and use it to augment the buttocks. It's a more natural technique – just moving fat from one spot to another.”

You get the benefit of liposuction and contouring in those areas, but this varies in volume depending on how much fatty tissue you have that you can donate. There is also a limit to how much fat we can remove in each procedure.

After the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Savannah

After surgery, you will stay overnight for observation. We arrange that with our nursing staff. You won’t be able to sit on the treated area for a few weeks. We will provide guidance about how to properly sit during recovery.

Most patients are back to work within a week. They describe the post-operative experience as a sore feeling, similar to a deep bruise.Contact our Savannah plastic surgery office to learn more about Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. 

Learn More About Brazilian Butt Lift in Georgia or South Carolina

Your Coastal Empire plastic surgeon will discuss the details of the Brazilian butt lift surgery during your consultation in one of our convenient Coastal Georgia or South Carolina offices. Service areas include: Savannah, Atlanta, Hinesville, Statesboro, Rincon, Pooler, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island, Augusta, Hilton Head Island & St. Simons Island. Call 912-920-2090 or email us to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Shanklin, Dr. Curtsinger, or Dr. McGovern.