Rhinoplasty: Center Stage, with a Spotlight

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Physical beauty is what theater people would call an “ensemble production.” There is no one star that makes all the difference in the harmony and appeal that a person’s face communicates. Rather, the balance and interaction of every feature has an important role to play.

Nevertheless – there’s no getting around it – the nose occupies center stage. If a person is not happy with his or her nose, then that’s a lot to overcome. As a result, rhinoplasty – commonly called a “nose job” – is one of the most-frequently discussed plastic surgery techniques.

A Lot of History Behind a New Look

Not only is rhinoplasty performed more frequently than we might imagine – most everyone certainly has friends who’ve had a nose job, and most without our knowing about it – but rhinoplasty is also perhaps one of the oldest plastic surgery techniques. Evidence suggests that nose jobs were performed in ancient Egypt. The Greeks and Romans were refining rhinoplasty techniques, even as they formed the foundations of Western civilization.

The dangers of life in ancient times called for rhinoplasty to amend wounds and injuries. For nearly a century, though, the procedure has been fine-tuned, as a way of helping people look as good as they feel.

The Responsibilities of a Leading Role

Though our appearance comes from the balance of many features, the nose can do a lot to make everything else look right, or not. It sets the tone in which the proportions of the chin, the eyes, the mouth, and even the ears play their part. In fact, something important to look for when you consider a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty is whether he or she considers the nose exclusively, or in the context of the other facial features.

It makes sense to choose an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who considers the whole picture.

Beauty in Detail

More elements than we might at first imagine can be addressed in rhinoplasty. Often, we think of the height or breadth or curve of the bridge of the nose as being the focus of the procedure. But the tip of the nose – its direction, size, and shape – can be adjusted, too, if it currently seems bulbous or button-shaped. Injuries ranging from footballs to Frisbees can be corrected if they left the nose off-center or wandering. And if the nostrils themselves seem more revealing than we would like, they, too, can be adjusted.

Clearing the Airways

Obstructions in the nose, whether lifelong or because of aging or injury, can be cleared up to free the flow of air when we breath. Many people who choose rhinoplasty for other reasons are gratified when they find, in addition, that they are sleeping better and enjoying a more cheerful outlook because of their expanded air supply.

If Ever it was Time for an Expert

The combination of surface and structural adjustment entailed in rhinoplasty calls for you to make a wise choice among only the most experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons. The one you select should demonstrate mastery of both the science and the art, and inspire the feelings of trust and confidence, too.

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