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The age of cosmetic surgery patients has always been a bit of a touchy subject. However, when the reasons for surgery become something more than cosmetic, is it okay for teens to pursue cosmetic surgery?


Earlier this year, many were shocked when one of the young stars of FOX’s hit teen show, Glee, had received injections of Botox. Teens and cosmetic surgery has always been a rather controversial issue.


It is a common belief that teen girls shouldn’t be having plastic surgery at such a young age. However, things begin to get a little complicated when issues outside of simply cosmetic purposes come into play. For example, many plastic surgeons provide reconstructive procedures to address issues such as scars, burns, and breast reconstruction for women of all ages affected by breast cancer.


Many teen girls who struggle with overly large breasts, a condition known as macromastia, have been reporting serious physical, mental, and emotional discomfort. In some cases, these teen girls are seeking out breast reduction surgery as a means to improve their lives and not just their appearance.

A study recently published in Pediatrics suggests that macromastia (the medical term for overly large breasts) does in fact have a fairly significant negative impact on certain aspects of a young girl's life, such as her health, self esteem, and eating behaviors. Macromastia can also make it hard for a girl to exercise, which often leads to obesity and other related health issues.

These teen girls that have been seeking breast reduction surgery have been looking to solve non-cosmetic issues including physical pain, low self esteem, unwanted/excessive attention to the point of discomfort, or a hard time finding proper fitting clothing.

However, in the case of these teen girls seeking surgical help, it is often recommended that these younger patients wait until adulthood to undergo breast surgery because they are still going through changes in their body which can result in complications.

Breast reduction surgery has proven to be a very effective procedure for older women dealing with these similar problems and has shown to provide several health benefits as well. If you would like to know more about how a breast reduction may benefit you, contact your board-certified plastic surgeon.


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