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Solving the Myth About Tummy Tucks

CE Article1 TummyTuckDespite what many may think, tummy tucks are not just an easy fix for those who are unwilling to put in the work themselves. The hard truth is that you can run a few miles each morning and live on a diet of water and lettuce, but if that extra skin left over after major weight-loss, pregnancy or a number of other reasons lacks elasticity, there is no exercise or diet that can get rid of it.

Time to get those abs that you dream of!

We are now in the two hottest months of the year and that means bathing suit season here on the Georgia Coast.

The fact is, tummy tucks are intended to solve the problems that will not go away without surgical help. It is for the people who have already tried everything and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and still can’t seem to flatten and tighten up their abs.

Let us help you lose the pooch!

Here at Coastal Empire Surgery, we believe that everyone deserves to be free of that extra flab or muffin top and enjoy the Georgia sun the way that it should be enjoyed. It’s time to throw away those baggy t-shirts, put on the bikinis and tank tops, and show off your new tummy!

If you’re tired of working hard and getting nowhere with that stubborn extra baggage around the belly, find out more about our tummy tuck procedure and give us a call or email! Our highly trained and board-certified plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing you with a sexy, natural-looking new stomach to show off this summer!


Photo by Nick Onken


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