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Studies Show Women Can Improve Your Health with a Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction Surgery Coastal Empire

Each woman may have her own reasons for a breast reduction procedure, but one of the most common complaints is a history of back, spine or pelvic pain due to the increased stress of carrying excess breast tissue. A recent study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, shows that a breast reduction can actually improve a women’s physical and mental health.


Designed to evaluate the effectiveness (on a 100-point scale) of breast reduction surgery, patients reported higher satisfaction in their psychosocial (rising to 84% from 41%), sexual (rising to 78% from 40%), and physical (rising to 81% from 43%) well-being. They even noted that problem symptoms in their neck, back, and shoulder areas were drastically reduced, enabling them to increase their physical actives.


This study not only provided evidence on the health benefits to breast reduction, but was also in an effort to convince insurance companies to cover the surgery.

“The improvement in physical well-being is important for justification of insurance coverage. Although our survey indicates that patients are happier with the appearance of their breasts after breast reduction, there was also a marked decrease in the physical symptoms of macromastia (pain in the breast, neck, back, and shoulders; shoulder grooving; difficulty sleeping; difficulty exercising; and rashes).“

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